4 Best Tips on How to Stay Motivated to Study

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how to stay motivated to study

Getting motivated to study has always been a tough task for most of the students out there as not many are really interested to study(I am the one too!). So, when I faced the same situation during my School time; I opted out to find a solution. In this blog, I will tell you some tips on How to stay motivated to study and increase concentration.

Here is How to stay motivated to study

My motivation to study in my School-time was miserable and I had no motivation at all.

Even when during my childhood, I sat to study hard for exams; I studied with full concentration for the first 30 minutes and by full, I mean really the apt concentration. But this was the case for only some 30 minutes.

After that, my interest was always in everything else than what I was supposed to study. And within 1 hour, my parents could see me doing other things and they were really very frustrated.

That time; I thought I was the only one but now I realize that it happens with each and every student in one or other way.

So, for all of you out there; I have figured out my own proven method of how to stay motivated to study without losing concentration and Interest as well as increase motivation.

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Here are some tips to motivate yourself:

1. Discover

Experts often call it a Guru Mantra and obviously it is.
For removing the distraction, first Discover the root cause of your distraction. In simple words, I mean to say that find out all the reasons which are a barrier to your concentration and as soon as you find them, eliminate them immediately.

how to stay motivated to study

It can be anything like – Your phone or Any recent movie you have watched about which you are constantly thinking or Anything related to your friends or whatever it is; Just Eliminate the thoughts or the object immediately! This will motivate you to study and is an important reason on how to stay motivated to study.

This will prove to be a Great Saviour in enhancing your concentration and motivation.

2. Study Routine helps

Yes, it really helps!

Quickly prepare what you need to focus on for the next day by creating a study routine before going to bed or just after finishing your studies for the present day.

how to stay motivated to study

This daily routine scheduled for the next day will help you keep organized and will save loads of our time, along with motivating you to study more. You can list down the important subjects and topics in them and prepare a timeline for each topic you need to complete.

A simple rule on how to stay motivated to study.

This will help you stay focused and you will surely achieve more.
But remember! Don’t waste more than 15 minutes preparing the schedule.

3. Understand

For the sake of covering and studying everything, students often just memorize. If you are doing the same thing, change your habit now.

Remember! This is something which is not at all going to help when you will sit for exams as You will end up messing up everything.

how to stay motivated to study

Don’t just memorize but understand what you are studying. If not much time is left for exams and you are still figuring out on how to stay motivated
to study, then select the most frequent and important topics and start learning and understanding them. And then focus on the rest, if you have time.

This will help you in the long term and you will feel motivated to study and will start enjoying studies.

4. Reward! Reward! Reward!

Who doesn’t feel happy about getting gifts and you have to do something similar here. But how it is related to how to stay motivated to study rules. Check it below!

When you complete the scheduled plan for a particular day, reward yourself for doing it. You do not need to ask your parents for this and even there is no need for purchasing expensive gifts.

Instead, you can just watch TV for 1 hour as a reward or You can go to a friend’s house for some time as a reward. These rewards will bring you happiness and will motivate you to do better at studies.

how to stay motivated to study

And the best thing about them is They do not require any money.

I hope you would have understood these tips and I will be very happy if you try them and will receive benefits from them. These were my own proven efforts on How to Stay Motivated to Study.

I hope you will Study well!

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