5 ways to do Social Media Addiction Treatment

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social media addiction treatment

These days Social Media is the exciting trend that everyone is talking about everywhere. We spend most of our time of the day on Social Media and get so involved that we are absolutely unaware of this Social fever. Here we discuss 5 ways to do Social Media Addiction Treatment .

It has become today’s necessity and we have welcomed Social-media in our lives with open arms. But there are some cases all over the world where Social media has become an addiction for some people and all they could do is helplessly mourn about it.

But then the researchers and doctors found a way to treat this addiction and rehab centers opened all over the world. If you feel that you have Social media addiction and want to get rid of it, then Scroll down to read the proven 5 ways to do Social Media Addiction Treatment.

Stop being a Social Media Addict and follow these 5 ways to do Social Media

social media addiction treatment

Here are the 5 golden tips to treat someone who is immensely addicted to Social media:

1. Stop Yourself after Some Time

social media addiction treatment

Now, it goes like this.

You get some free time and you start using any of the social platforms. You see your friend’s picture of her/his being enjoying in Switzerland; it excites you and at the same time depresses you.

You scroll down hoping to see something better but not better than your life. You are again disappointed, so you scroll more and then more and then more and damn! 2 precious hours of the day wasted.


As you lost track of the time while continuously looking at your feed and did not realize how addicting it could be. Now, this starts happening every day and you cannot live a single day without opening a Social media platform.

This happens with almost every one of us and before we realize, it becomes an addiction. So, one of the 5 ways to do Social media addiction treatment is to be aware while using Social media and stopping yourself to scroll more after a particular time, say 20 minutes.
This will help you a lot.


2. Notifications – Turn Them Off

social media addiction treatment

You will never be at peace if the notifications keep popping up on your screen and even after resisting for a while, you may give up and will end checking them.

So, it is important to follow this one way out of the 5 ways to do social media addiction treatment and the simple way is to turn off your phone notifications. This will help you a lot in staying away from these platforms.

3. Dedicate Time to Your Loved Ones

social media addiction treatment

A proven treatment by the researchers from all over the world out of the 5 ways to do social media treatment is to dedicate your time to the loved ones of your life keeping your phone aside.

This is an amazing solution which will help you keep away from Social media along with giving you emotional support.

4. Try Something New

Stop being in the Virtual world and dedicate your time in the real world trying out stuff which is new and exciting to you.

There are many wonderful things out there to try and you will end up feeling more satisfied and happy plus, it would help you in staying away from social media.

A simple yet effective way out of the 5 ways to do social media addiction treatment.

5. Visit Exciting Places

social media addiction treatment

If you are a travel-minded person, then why not pack your bags and visit places you have never had the chance to go before.

But please remember to not take the high-quality camera phone with you. Instead, you can take a normal phone and a high-quality camera so as to keep yourself away from the social world.

This will refresh you and you will feel better and relaxed.

So, these were the 5 ways to do Social Media Addiction treatment which when followed seriously, will surely help in recovering from the Social Media fever.

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