Does God Test Us and Why does He do so?

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does god test us

If you have a question, “Does god test us” then, Yes, God tests us and all of us; not just you and me but he takes the test of everyone in this world.

He tests us in one way or the other without our consent. So, the answer to – Does God test us is a very simple yet powerful, Yes!

I myself have been in situations where he has taken my test and I was unknown to that fact. Sometimes, I even lost my faith in him due to these tests but eventually, I realized that everything happens for some reason; however small it is.

And this enlightenment restored my faith back into him. I became more mature and learned a lot from these tests.

So moving forward and elaborating more, let’s find out more details to the questions. If you are curious enough to know more, Read on…

Does God Test Us and Why?

I think you must have surely heard this quote – “If you don’t get what you want, then God has different plans for you; Just believe in him”.

does god test us

This is 100% correct. You will get the answer to the question – Does God test Us below. I will give my own example to explain it better.

I have been a topper all through my schooling and graduation and easily secured placements in the companies that came to my college. But I don’t know why; I joined none of the companies due to one reason or the other.

Deep inside I knew, I deserved something better than all these.

Now, as we were finally graduated; all the students who had a job in-hand quickly moved to their respective companies to start a new life.

And now, I was totally frustrated as I had no job in-hand and had no idea exactly what I will be going to do in my life.

1 year passed by and then I started searching jobs.

It was a rigorous and difficult process that I had to go through and sometimes, I even felt like I should stop and return back, and I am not going anywhere.

But I still kept going, I surpassed difficult times, my parents supported me in every way they could, and were with me every time.

Finally, I landed a job with which I was satisfied but I am still working hard to achieve all the dreams I have.

Now, you may be wondering that Why is my story related to this topic?
I will tell you why?

So, Does God Test Us?

Yes, he does!

does god test us

He tests us with suffering, with sickness sometimes so that we can know the value of the wonderful lives he has given to us. He tests us in relationships, he is even testing you today and every day; continuously.

I learned from my own experience that the process that God made me go through was actually a test to make me realize many things.

It was a test that he took for my betterment so that I can come out stronger and be more responsible.

So, now coming to the question of – Why does God test us?

It is because he wants us to be stronger.

He wants to prepare us for the life we are dreaming.

He does not need anything from us but only our hard work, determination and perseverance and he will take care of the rest.

So, Now driving a conclusion to the question – Does God test Us and why?

Reference: truthortradition

Yes, he tests you and will continue doing it so as to make you stronger and more mature so that you are ready for all the coming challenges.

Believe in God!

He will show you wonderful things!

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