Things You Should Never Say to your Child – These 10 Things

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things you should never say to your child

Children are the cutest blessings of God and are the epitome of love and kindness. A child when in her/his initial years is in the process of molding and should be treated with love and respect.

Parents should take care that they say to their child may hurt their sentiments and bring them down. Even if their child is not that capable and does not perform up to the mark, parents should never show that they are disappointed in them.

What is the most psychologically damaging thing you can do to your child?

According to research, The most common mistakes that parents make is the mistake of comparing their child to another child and this is very damaging.

This article is written to make you aware of the Things You Should Never Say to your Child – No matter how bad your mood is.

Here is the list that never say to your child

things you should never say to your child
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1. I am so proud to have You

However smart your child is, please stop yourself saying these works to his /her. It will only make your child furious and will fill an arrogant attitude in his/her mind.

2. I am very Lucky to have you

Off course! You are blessed to have your child but it will destroy your child’s life if you keep telling this to them every time.

3. You don’t look Good

I have seen parents making this statement in front of their child.
What they don’t realize is that such statements lower a child’s self-esteem and make them an introvert.

Even if they don’t look good, encourage them to work on their personality.

4. How can you be so Selfish?

Like really?

You are telling this to your child who is so immature that he doesn’t even know how to wear his/her clothes properly. Don’t do.

things you should never say to your child
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5. Why can’t you perform better?

Just because this is not a field that interests your child.

Stop comparing your child with anyone else’s.

Everyone is born with a unique talent and you have to recognize the unique
talent of your child.

6. Don’t Overreact

Don’t Overreact! This is another important thing . It will lower their confidence and they will never again share anything with you.

7. You should always achieve First place

A child should never be pressurized to achieve first place. Let the inspiration of doing better come to your child naturally.

8. You are not small anymore

things you should never say to your child
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Yes it is true but your child has not become even that big!

Stop making such sentences in front of your child.

It is another important thing.

9. Get out of My House

Please No!

Never say it to your child. It is a very bad thing to haul in front of your child and will destroy your relationship with your child.

10. You are of No use

You should never make her/him feel low by saying such lame sentences.
It will affect them very badly and will direct them to depression.

Please keep in mind that a child should be handled very carefully as Children are the future-makers of our country.

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